Thursday, 8 March 2012

Chiaroscuro receives grant from Awards for All - October 2011

The project will provide a series of inclusive specialized movement workshops, welcoming people living in the local Lambeth community and beyond, and in particular welcoming people with visual impairment. The workshops are open to everybody -sighted and non sighted- and they are free!
The workshops will be delivered by professional movement specialists with difference techniques specialization which will range from The Feldenkrais Method to Skinner Release Technique, Tai Chi, Pilates, Ideokinesis, Yoga, Tango and Contact Improvisation amongst others.
Those techniques are particularly accessible to people with visual impairment as foreground kinaesthetic empathy over visual mimesis.
The participants are invited to move their perception of their own bodies and the environment throughout the exercises, discovering a greater ease of movement and developing self confidence.
The weekly inclusive tango sessions organized by Adriana Pegorer in the last 2 years have proved that creating a space for people to learn together in a mutal relationship is possible and provide a different learning experience.
Those workshops will enable the participants to enter similar mainstream dance sessions in the future with self-assurance and more awareness of their own bodies and the environment.
Participants will explore movement in an energetic, fun and safe way  as well as introspectively.

Chiaroscuro organizes and delivers inclusive educational and recreational movement sessions to people living in the communities of London and beyond. Chiaroscuro particularly welcomes people with any degree of visual impairment living in London and beyond. The aims are:
-       provide accessible opportunities to a wide range of physical activities
-       improve well being
-       reduce social isolation
-       enable social integration and cohesion
-       promote inclusion and diversity
-       challenge disability stigma
-      raise disability awareness, in particular visual impairment awareness

Adriana Pegorer

CHIAROSCURO Director and 'Moving Perceptions' Project Co-ordinator

The Big Lottery Fund distributes half of the National Lottery good cause funding across the UK. The Fund aims to enable others to make real improvements to communities and the lives of people most in need.

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