Monday, 20 August 2012

29 August @ 12.00 PM: Tango dancing as part of the Paralympic Torch Relay celebrations in Lambeth

WEDNESDAY 29 AUGUST lunch-time tango dancing @ Jubilee Gardens, South Bank
Come and join us for some exciting outdoor tango dancing from around 12 to 1.15 pm at the newly revamped Jubilee Gardens (beside the London Eye off Belvedere Walk), as part of the Paralympics Torch Relay Celebration in Lambeth.
Tango in tandas from the classics (Calo’, Pugliese, Di Sarli, D’Arienzo, Gobbi, Troilo, D’Agostino, Tanturi…)
FREE event. Bring adequate shoes for hard floor!
Please come and support this event if you can!!
Organized by Chiaroscuro.
Also performance by singer and storyteller Kate Portal at 11.15 AM.

ACCESS: Meeting points at 10.30 AM at tube exits barriers of Bakerloo, Jubilee or Northern line tube stations. Please be at the barrier at 10.30 am where there will be someone to meet you and then we will go together to the site. You can call these numbers if you need further assistance: Dawn Bunce (Lambeth Council) 07776 066654 or Adriana (Chiaroscuro) 07974 619 570

More info on the Paralympics Torch Relay: 

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Chiaroscuro receives grant from Awards for All - October 2011

The project will provide a series of inclusive specialized movement workshops, welcoming people living in the local Lambeth community and beyond, and in particular welcoming people with visual impairment. The workshops are open to everybody -sighted and non sighted- and they are free!
The workshops will be delivered by professional movement specialists with difference techniques specialization which will range from The Feldenkrais Method to Skinner Release Technique, Tai Chi, Pilates, Ideokinesis, Yoga, Tango and Contact Improvisation amongst others.
Those techniques are particularly accessible to people with visual impairment as foreground kinaesthetic empathy over visual mimesis.
The participants are invited to move their perception of their own bodies and the environment throughout the exercises, discovering a greater ease of movement and developing self confidence.
The weekly inclusive tango sessions organized by Adriana Pegorer in the last 2 years have proved that creating a space for people to learn together in a mutal relationship is possible and provide a different learning experience.
Those workshops will enable the participants to enter similar mainstream dance sessions in the future with self-assurance and more awareness of their own bodies and the environment.
Participants will explore movement in an energetic, fun and safe way  as well as introspectively.

Chiaroscuro organizes and delivers inclusive educational and recreational movement sessions to people living in the communities of London and beyond. Chiaroscuro particularly welcomes people with any degree of visual impairment living in London and beyond. The aims are:
-       provide accessible opportunities to a wide range of physical activities
-       improve well being
-       reduce social isolation
-       enable social integration and cohesion
-       promote inclusion and diversity
-       challenge disability stigma
-      raise disability awareness, in particular visual impairment awareness

Adriana Pegorer

CHIAROSCURO Director and 'Moving Perceptions' Project Co-ordinator

The Big Lottery Fund distributes half of the National Lottery good cause funding across the UK. The Fund aims to enable others to make real improvements to communities and the lives of people most in need.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Moving Perceptions programme

Bookings will open about 7 days prior to the date of each workshop. If you would like to be included in the mailing list please send an e-mail to: or call 07974 619 570
Saturday 26th November 2011: Feldenkrais and Contact Improvisation with Simonetta Alessandri
Saturday 14th January 2012: Yoga with John Stirk
Saturday 4th February 2012: Piloting with Michael Parmenter
Sunday 5th February 2012: Tactics with Michael Parmenter
Saturday 18th February 2012: Butoh with Marie-Gabrielle Rotie
Saturday 25th February 2012: Feldenkrais and CI with Thomas Kampe
Sunday 11 March 2012: Skinner Releasing Technique with Alex Crowe
Sunday 18th March 2012: Tai chi chaun with Enid Gill
Sunday 25th March 2012: Skinner Releasing Technique with Gaby Agis
Sunday 1st April 2012: Ideokinesis with Glenna Batson
Sunday 15th April 2012: Tango with Ute Walter



The programme has now ended but you can still contact us at or call 07974 619 570 for updates.

Please scroll down for more information on each session and pictures taken at the sessions.


A big thank you to all the participants and the teachers!

Sunday 15th April 2012

Tango with Ute Walter

1 pm – 6 pm

Cost: free

Location: Club Italia, 20 Brixton Road, SW9 6BU, London (Oval)

Tango is often being described like a “conversation” or a dialogue” between to people and it represents an attitude affected among other things by mutual respect, empathy, presence, clarity and a relative autonomy of the partners.

Tango is an improvised dance. The steps are like the words of a language. After each step everything is possible. The path is created by walking.

The workshop will use simple movements and exercises for establishing mindfulness, connection with one’s self, partner and musical sensitivity.

For all levels: from absolute Tango beginners to advanced Tango dancers.

Ute Walter belongs to the first generation of European Tango teachers, gaining experiences from more than 25 years of dancing and teaching. Ute runs her own School ‘Nuevas milongueras’ in Hamburg and works internationally (Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, Argentina, USA). The emphasis of her teaching is based on her scientific work in the relation to Tango and mindfulness, dialogue and gender. She is qualified and experienced in several methods of mindfulness training. She created the term "queer tango" and is one of the initiators of the queer tango movement together with Marga Nagel and Felix Feyerabend and worked for many years on building the worldwide queer tango community.

Ute will be assisted by Cornelia Zell:

Cornelia Zell (Hamburg) studied Contemporary Dance in Amsterdam. She worked internationally as dancer and choreographer and has more than 20 years of teaching experience in dance and movement. Today she works as a teacher for Contemporary Dance, Contact Improvisation, Tango and Bodywork. Cornelia has been dancing Tango for 15 years.

On Sunday the 15th of April we will celebrate the end of the project after the workshop with a party till 10.30 pm! Everybody who has attended any of the Moving Perceptions workshop is invited! Please bring your friends!

DJ: Tony Walker (tangos and various other irresistible dancing tunes!)

Fully licensed bar from 1 pm.


Affordably priced finger buffet provided by AJ (independent caterer), including oven roasted vegetable frittata, veggie sushi, veggie sausage rolls, wraps, various quiches, cup cakes, brownies, banana walnut bread and carrot cake...


Sunday 1st of April 2012

Ideokinesis – Using the Mind’s Eye for Movement Improvement
with Glenna Batson

11 am – 5 pm
Cost: FREE
Location: Roof Studio @ Siobhan Davies Studios, 85 St George's Road, London, SE1 6ER

Movement skill emerges from facilitating the coordination of body and mind. Training body-mind integration has long been the subject of fascination for sports scientists and performing artists through the use of mental rehearsal, visualizing motor imagery in absence of actual physical movement. This powerful use of the mind’s eye primes the nervous system to coordinate skilled movement. In dance, this visualization technique is called Ideokinesis (Ideo, meaning “idea” and kinesis meaning “movement”). Ideokinesis has a long history dating back the 1920’s through the work of Mabel Todd, with many “pioneers” following in her footsteps. This workshop will introduce the work of Ideokinesis through lecture, experiential anatomy, and discussion. Participants will learn the basic approach to visualizing motor imagery to improve body awareness, alignment, and ease and freedom of movement in select functional activities.

Glenna Batson, PT, ScD, MA
For over three decades, Glenna Batson has integrated dance, somatic education and rehabilitation medicine in teaching the art and science of human movement. While pursuing her Master’s degree in Dance Education from Columbia University Teachers College in New York (1978), Glenna apprenticed with Irene Dowd in Ideokinesis, the mental practice of motor imagery, a mentorship that spanned four years. Glenna also is an internationally recognized teacher of the Alexander Technique (certified, 1989), and has taught in training schools in England, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Estonia, Japan, and Australia. She was a Fulbright Senior Specialist in residence at the Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Dance in 2009, and University of Tallinn and Tartu Estonia in 2011. She holds a doctorate in physiotherapy (neuroscience) and continues in an emeritus role to mentor students, teach, and conduct research. Glenna believes in the power of movement as a catalyst for personal growth and professional development in meeting and transforming the challenges present in our world today.

Sunday 25th March 2012

Skinner Releasing Technique with Gaby Agis
2 pm- 4.30 pm 
Cost: FREE
Location: Essex Church (Notting Hill Gate)
112 Palace Gardens Terrace, London W8 4RT

SRT uses image-guided floor work and hands-on tactile studies to facilitate a deeper kinaesthetic experience of movement. Spontaneous movement evoked by imagery enables the student to explore technical principles such as multi directional alignment, suppleness, suspension, economy and autonomy.

Gaby Agis is one of the pioneers of collaborative performance in Britain, working with leading artists of her generation from other disciplines in galleries, museums and theatres. She founded Gaby Agis & Company in 1985 and the artists she has worked with are Turner Prize nominee Isaac Julien, sculptors Kate Blacker and Cornelia Parker, composers David Sylvian and Gavin Bryars, architects Muf, and the director Atom Eyogan.

In 2000 she was commissioned to choreograph a piece for the Royal Opening of the Millennium Bridge, and her recent works include Explict Faith performed at LSO St. Luke's in 2003, and Touch Un-Sited, which was performed as part of the celebrations for Architecture Week 2005.

Her wider involvements include Falling Wide, the Ripe Nights seasons at the Union Chapel, artist discussions for the South Bank Centre, and numerous curatorial roles at Chisenhale Dance Space.

Since 1993 Gaby has taught the Skinner Releasing Technique throughout Europe, and annually at the Skinner Releasing summer program in Seattle.

Sunday 18th March 2012

Tai chi chaun with Enid Gill

12 am- 6 pm
Cost: free
Location: Research Studio @ Siobhan Davies Studios, 85 St George's Road, London, SE1 6ER

Using Vlady Stevanovitch’s ‘L’art du chi’ methods, we harness and circulate energy within the body, to create a healthier and stronger being – body, mind and sense of self.

Being physically comfortable is the starting point and then, we use breathing, relaxation and visualisation techniques to prepare and connect with our body. The method also includes other specific and concrete exercises to direct energy internally, engaging and reinforcing the Dan Dien (Eastern concept - physical centre of ‘vital’ life energy).

Qi gong exercises and the tai chi chuan postures (Yang short form) are practised to strengthen the lower limbs and Dan Dien, while relaxing the arms, shoulders and breathing, creating a general re-energized sensation. These slow-moving forms (sequence of steps) assist with posture correction, establishing a more efficient use of the body, fluid movement and co-ordination as well as increasing stability. Though benefits from this work can be felt immediately, greater benefits are gained from a longer commitment to the practice, and most practitioners’ say that it’s well worth the effort!  


Sunday 11th March 2012

Skinner Releasing Technique & Improvisation with Alex Crowe
11 am – 5 pm

Cost: FREE

Location: Research Studio @ Siobhan Davies Studios, 85 St George's Road, London, SE1 6ER

Skinner Releasing Technique (SRT) is a gentle but powerful system of movement training that encourages a deepened sensory and imaginative awareness of the body.  It teaches the fundamental movement skills and psycho-physical awareness that underlie almost any style of dance.  In this class, we touch, imagery and improvised movement to develop agility in stepping and travelling, and different ways of cultivating a sense of suspension without rigidity.  For more information about SRT, see

Alex Crowe is a performer and performance maker working mainly in movement based theatre.  He holds an MA in Performance Making from Goldsmiths College, and teaches movement, improvisation and performance in both Higher Education, independent professional and community settings.  Main influences include Skinner Releasing, Suprapto Suryodarmo, Action Theatre and clown work.  Alex co-curates the Stranger than Fiction platform for improvisation in performance at Siobhan Davies Studios.


Saturday 25th February 2012

Feldenkrais and Contact Improvisation with Thomas Kampe

11 am – 5 pm

Cost: FREE

Location: Roof Studio @ Siobhan Davies Studios, 85 St George's Road, London, SE1 6ER
We will explore the use of restrictions, constraints and structured problems as tools for finding ease, freedom, new patterns and greater possibilities in our improvised movement choices. The Feldenkrais Method ® taps the innate intelligence of the human nervous system to produce higher levels of function and movement ability.

Thomas Kampe has worked with movement for the last 20 years. He worked as performer, choreographer and director in Germany and Britain, and works as Senior Lecturer for Dance at London Metropolitan University.
He has taught somatic approaches towards movement education mainly for performers in different settings around the world. He is a qualified teacher of the Feldenkrais Method ®, which forms a foundation for his teaching of dance and movement.

Saturday 18th February 2012

Butoh with Marie-Gabrielle Rotie

11 am – 5 pm

Cost: FREE

Location: Roof Studio @ Siobhan Davies Studios, 85 St George's Road, London, SE1 6ER

Marie-Gabrielle Rotie’s class draws upon her background in Fine Art and Butoh. She will explore how to ‘sculpt’ and move the body as if it were clay, sensitizing movers to touch and to the body in relation to self, partner work and to time and space. Movers will then be encouraged to work with poetic images and scores, to access moving from imagination and inner impulse, encouraging an attentive listening process and ‘painting’ the space with improvised movement. She is interested in the use of distillation, simplicity and silence in movement. No previous movement experience is necessary.

Marie-Gabrielle Rotie originally trained in Fine Art has 16 years of specialist training in Butoh, studying and performing with the worlds leading exponents in Europe and Japan. Her productions have shown at Royal Opera House, Royal National Theatre, Laban and The Place Theatre as well as in numerous venues and festivals internationally and she was a semi-finalist for The Place Prize 2004. 
Recent work includes five choreographies for London College of Fashion at Victoria and Albert Museum, Royal Academy and Sadler’s Wells, plus six commissions from Laban. She is director of Butoh Uk organising workshops and festivals.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Sunday 5th February 2012

Tactics with Michael Parmenter

10.30 am – 1.30 pm 
Cost: FREE
Location: Roof Studio @ Siobhan Davies Studios 85 St George's Road, London, SE1 6ER
TACTICS – a vigorous and simultaneous exchange of tasks and movement directives. Just one role: the TACTOR, an actor who makes contact.

Saturday 4th February 2012

Piloting with Michael Parmenter
11 am - 5 pm 
Cost: FREE
Location: Essex Church, 112 Palace Gardens Terrace, London W8 4RT

A partner-improvisation workshop in which we will play with the dialogue between moving and being moved: “Sometimes is just got to be all about the Other”.
PILOTING – a practice of guided movement, alternating roles of PILOT and PASSENGER.

Michael Parmenter is one of New Zealand’s leading dancers and choreographers. During the 80’s he danced in New York with Erick Hawkins and Stephen Petronio and in Japan with Butoh dancer Min Tanaka.
He directed his Commotion Company from 1990 – 2008 and has choreographed numerous works for Footnote Dance Company and the Royal New Zealand Ballet. His works span the spectrum from innovative solo works to large-scale opera-house productions.
Over the past decades Michael has taught at Toi Whakaari/The New Zealand Drama School, the New Zealand School of Dance, and most recently at UNITEC School of Performing and Screen Arts where he is Adjunct Professor in Dance.
Michael has recently been developing the partner-improvisation forms PILOTING and TACTICS.
He is currently undertaking a doctoral research co-tutelle between the dance department of the University of Auckland, New Zealand (under Dr. Ralph Buck) and (under Prof. Renaud Barbaras) in the philosophy department of l’Université de Paris-1 (Panthéon/Sorbonne), France.